What is Dunwoody Dreaming?

Dunwoody Dreaming is a site created to help connect people to service providers by providing an online directory which links to blog posts in which they are featured.  The blog will contain before and after pictures of the work done so that you can see the work that the service provider is capable of.

Who is Dunwoody Dreaming for?

Anyone and everyone!  If you have just completed a house project and would like to have it featured this is a space where we can show people what they might be able to achieve with their space.  If you are looking for a service provider, whether it be a plumber, electrician, contractor, gutter cleaner, carpet cleaner etc., this is where you can find people who come recommended from your neighbors.  If you live outside of Dunwoody, you can still benefit from this site as it will give you ideas for what is possible with your own home and allow you to dream.  If you are a service provider we would love to feature your work with the endorsement of the home owner. 

I like the after photos on a certain blog post but there is no link to the service provider responsible? 

There are times when the home owner may request to not share the name or contact information of the person who did some of the work for various reasons, or the service provider may choose to not be listed on the directory.  In these cases we have decided to still post the photos as we think people might still enjoy seeing what was done. 

I chose to use one of the people listed on your directory but I was not satisfied with the work, what do I do?

We do not guarantee the work product of the service providers listed on the directory, nor do we guarantee pricing.  Note that there are several people listed on the directory who specialize in each field so that you can select the one that meets your specific needs. 

How do I feature my house on Dunwoody Dreaming?

We feature homes from all over Dunwoody and if you are interested in being featured then please reach out to hannah@dunwoodydreaming.com. 

I love my service provider, how can they be featured on the directory?

We welcome any service provider who comes with a recommendation from a homeowner here in Dunwoody.  Either you can reach out to us, or they can reach out to us directly.  Each service provider pays an annual subscription fee which includes several blog articles featuring their work, listing on the directory, and one email blast containing some information about them and a current offer from their company.

Why should I subscribe to your email list?

Because you will be notified of new blog posts as they come out and also receive special offers from providers listed on the directory. 

What if our house is not in Dunwoody, can we still be featured on your site?

Please email me at hannah@dunwoodydreaming.com to let me know you’re interested.  However, in 2020 our focus will be on properties in Dunwoody. We would love to feature you if we expand into your area in the future